How to Find Peace and Comfort This Holiday Season

How to Find Peace and Comfort This Holiday Season

Historically filled with time-honored traditions, celebratory gatherings, travel, and community, this holiday season might leave you feeling a little blue at the prospect of change this year. While we all recognize the importance of social distancing and taking the necessary safety precautions during the pandemic, it makes sense that we may experience moments of disappointment, loneliness or even loss at the thought of a change to what we’ve grown to look forward to during this time of year.

First and foremost, be kind to yourself. It’s vital that we accept these feelings as they come and then, non-judgmentally, do our best to let them go. During this time of the year that for many, represents packed calendars, preparing for visitors, and maybe even a little stress, 2020 gives us the opportunity to simplify, look inward, and practice self-care. There are really so many reasons to be grateful and find joy when we focus on what we have, rather than what has changed. Here are some of our quick tips on how to show self love, and still feel celebratory this holiday season.

Get Cozy: Pamper Yourself This Holiday Season

1. Take a Bath

When was the last time you indulged in a long soak? Turn on the water and play some classic holiday tunes or grab a festive book to read. Ditch the overhead lighting in favor of the relaxing and warm atmosphere provided by candle light. Pour in our Pink Rose Bath Salts (coming soon!), allowing the smell of flowers to fill the air. Then relax and let nature melt your stress away. Don’t forget to lay out your favorite slippers and robe within easy reach to greet you when you finish.

2. Meditate

When we stumbled upon this holiday meditation by Chopra, we had to try it – and share it –  immediately! Find a comfortable seated position in a quiet space. Begin focusing on your breathwork, clearing your mind and connecting with your body. After a few minutes, recall a moment from holidays past that brings you joy. Allow the scene to pass through your consciousness and focus on the positive emotions that emerge. Once the memory plays out, take ten deep breaths. With each inhale, breathe in the holiday joy, and with each exhale, release some of it into the world. It’s nearly impossible not to stay deeply joyful after completing this exercise.

3. Journal

The extra time at home presents the ideal opportunity to begin a new healthy habit. Journaling is a great way to cultivate gratitude, process emotions, set and achieve goals as well as inspire creativity. We wrote a handy guide to journaling, which you can read here. 

4. Have an At-Home Spa Day

Recreate the benefits of a day at the spa, safely, at home with Taza’s Bath Exfoliator and Facial Oil.  Use the ayurvedic loofah by soaking it in hot water to soften. Gently massage your body to exfoliate and improve circulation, and feel your muscles instantly relax. Massage? Check!

Follow the ritual by applying a few drops of the facial oil to your palms, heating it up as you rub them together. Then use upward, gentle circular motions to massage onto your neck and face. Facial? Done.

As a special holiday gift from us to you, use code “TAZATIME” at checkout to receive 30% off the Bath Exfoliator and Facial Oil.

5. Indulge in Some Delicious Treats

It’s time to satisfy those holiday cravings by whipping up your favorite dessert. The Farm Stand team treated ourselves with Tess’s Matcha Bars (available at Tess & Co., our food truck at the Winter Equestrian Festival – learn more here). Then share your bounty, safely delivering the goodies to local friends and family by dropping the dessert off at their doorstep and waving hello from the window! This is the season for sharing, after all, and we swear the extra love when you’re baking for someone else really does make everything taste better.

Choose a Holiday Uniform

While you absolutely should invest in some cozy loungewear and comfortable clothing (see below for our favorite picks), we still believe some festive holiday apparel is in order. To alleviate unnecessary stress (you’ve experienced more than your fair share of that this year), we’ve put together the ultimate holiday uniform. Just ask Karl Lagerfeld and Hillary Clinton if you’ve yet to be sold on the life-changing effects of a personal uniform.

Guaranteed to look just as chic on Zoom for the office party as it does during your intimate family dinner, don a slip dress and sweater. It’s like wearing your nightgown and robe in public, but socially acceptable. And really beautiful, too.  

5 of Our Favorite Loungewear

Comfortable yet undeniably cute and put-together, these are the looks we’re living in for the next month:

Look #1: HVN Daisy Printed Mockneck in Sky Blue and HVN Daisy Printed Sweatpant in Sky Blue

Look #2: Adam Selman Sport Hi-Rise Sweatpant in Black Polka Dot and Adam Selman Sport Shrunken Hoodie in Black Polka Dot

Look #3: Year Of Ours Post Surf Sweatpants and Year of Ours Anne Marie Tank

Look #4: HVN Embroidered Cherry Sweatpants and HVN Embroidered Cherry Hoodie

Look #5: Year Of Ours Flight Pants and Year Of Ours Bay Tank

From the Farm Stand family to yours, our sincerest wish is that you find peace, joy and comfort this holiday season.