Our Top 10 Pandemic Dating Tips

Our Top 10 Pandemic Dating Tips

Dating can be challenging, complicated, and downright frustrating. Now, throw a global pandemic into the mix - how in the heck can you date? There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed how we go about living our daily lives, and if you are single, you’re probably really feeling it. How can you navigate dating when you’re not sure if kissing your new boo will transmit the virus? We get it! Social distancing, mask-wearing, and the uncertainty of getting together in person is overwhelming, to say the least. Luckily, we’re here to help! While the best thing for you to do at this time is  to abstain from meeting new people, the truth is that humans are hard-wired to be social creatures. If you’re finding it difficult to chill at home alone, here are some tips to help you adapt to the new normal and date safely.

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. If you take a risk and date in public, please make sure you always have hand sanitizer with you. You can skip the old store-bought kind that dries out your hands with multiple applications and check out our Farm Stand Hand Spray. Our sustainable product is made from 62% distilled spirits blended with thieves essential oil for a bright, clean, and uplifting aroma.

Use The Correct Protection

All masks are not the same. If you plan to venture out into social settings, you must wear the correct type of face mask. Here are some guidelines:

  1. It should fit your face snugly, while still allowing you to breathe easily.
  2. It should cover your mouth and nose securely.
  3. Make certain your mask has multiple layers.

If you have purchased a “reusable mask,” make sure that it is washable. Reusing it repeatedly without washing puts yourself and others at risk, because you don’t know what you might have come into contact with during your last outing. You can find our incredible selection of organic cotton face masks here.

Consider Virtual Dating

Yeah, we know! Virtual dating doesn’t sound ideal, but we think it just might help to make relationships stronger. You see, virtual dating means that you can spend time getting to “really” know each other by listening and sharing with one another, not to mention that you will quickly learn if you both can maintain a conversation without the distractions of being in a bar or club.

Virtual dating also shows you the level of commitment to doing their part in stopping the spread of the virus. This allows you to understand if you are on the same page regarding your responsibility in all of this crazy pandemic mess.

Be More Selective

Before the arrival of COVID-19, your dating nerves may have included “what do I wear?” or “how is my breath?”. Today, things are much different because let’s face it, the virus can be deadly. When you begin the dating process, it’s time to be more selective than simple physical attraction, and that they don’t have an ax in the background of their profile pics. Think about and be honest with yourself regarding what you truly want in a partner, what you will and won’t tolerate, and then determining if this potential date meets these criteria before getting together in person.

Single And Ready To Mingle During The Pandemic - The New Rules Of Dating

Ask Key Questions Early

The time for simply having fun has been put on hold for now, so make sure that you ask vital questions early. If you know that kids are something you absolutely want, ask your potential date their thoughts. Other things that may be important to ask about early on are relationship expectations, criminal history, stance on social issues (race, abortion, gay rights, etc.), and money (are they a saver or love to splurge?). Understanding where you both stand on important issues it key to a successful relationship.

How to Safely Date If You Choose In-Person Meetups

Consider Getting Tested

If you have had several “virtual dates’ and are now feeling ready to move on to an in-person date, you may want to consider getting tested beforehand. Safety should be everyone’s main priority, so spending a little extra dough to get tested before meeting is a good investment.

Remember, coming into contact with COVID-19 from either your new boo or someone who works at the place you meet doesn’t just effect you. Whether or not you get symptoms, you can still put your family members, coworkers, and other people that you come into contact with at risk.  Be mindful... Is an in-person date that important, or can it wait a little longer?


If you are dead set on getting together in person, consider meeting at an outdoor location so that you can keep your distance from other people, and between the two of you. Choose a restaurant that has outside seating and is adhering to the social distancing restrictions for your area.

Alcohol Wipes

You never know who was seated at the restaurant, bar, or in your Uber car before have alcohol wipes on hand. You can use them to wipe down the ketchup, your seat, tables, doorknobs, etc. Better to be safe than sorry.

Be Patient

When it comes to love, our advice is to be patient and get to know your potential love interest in an online arena first, before risking your health to meet in person.

Jazz Up Your Video Dates

Just because you aren’t heading out for a night on the town, that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t prepare for your first date like usual. Sure your date may be virtual, on Zoom, Facetime, or some other video platform, but you should still put effort into looking great. Always do your hair and makeup, tidy up the house, don’t be late and of course, wear something cute.

What To Wear On A First Date During Pandemic

Fashionable Face Coverings

Yes! We know covering your face on your first date doesn’t sound ideal, but safety comes first. By the time you agree to meet IRL, you have had several virtual dates, so your new love interest will already know how cute you are. But for your first date, a regular old mask just won’t do.

Check out these incredibly fashionable face coverings that are sure to look great with any outfit you select. They are 100% cotton, washable, and yes, adorable! But the best part is, your purchase of any of our face masks means you are giving back to families in need. With each purchase, we donate the proceeds to  Grocery Give to Hospitality Helping Hands.  This wonderful organization uses these donations to purchase groceries and other necessities for people out of work in our West Palm Beach neighborhood due to Covid-19. It’s a win-win! You look incredible, and families get the help they so desperately need.

Outfits For Your First Date During COVID-19


If it’s going to be a chilly night, our 4 Loving People Tascha Dress is perfect. Long sleeves, sleek and sexy silhouette, and chic mock neck make this the ideal first date dress. A beautiful dress made from 100% sustainable Mongolian cashmere. It offers a level of comfort and elegance while still showing your curves. Pair this with your favorite boots and handbag, and that’s a wrap! They’ll be smitten. 💘

This delightful ensemble is a unique blend of boho, free spirit, and sophistication (our Joey Wölffer Reworked Antik Batik Mandee Dress). A key piece to have in your date night wardrobe because she can be dressed up with sexy heels or turned casual with your favorite leather or cowboy boots.

If bold colors and flowy skirts are your vibes, you have to check out our Morphew Red, White, and Blue 1970s Scarf Caftan. This dress is handmade in an NYC Atelier from rare antique materials that have been sourced from around the earth. Morphew's sustainable vintage fabrics represent over a hundred years of design and result in an absolute fashion masterpiece! Perfect for an elegant lunch or dinner filled with romance and candlelight, this dress is bold, fun, and totally chic!


While dating and social distancing don’t really seem to go well together, singles are getting creative and finding ways to make it work. We are all adjusting to the new norm, including new ways of connecting and creating relationships. Trust us; all is not lost.  Love, romance, flirtations, and social relationships can still grow, even during the most difficult circumstances. Sometimes we just need to remind each other of what we’ve always conquers all. Good luck out there!