5 Unique Organic Host & Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

5 Unique Organic Host & Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

This holiday season, the celebrations may look a little different. You might choose to safely and responsibly gather in the home of a loved one with your inner circle after a two week quarantine. Or perhaps you’re donning face masks and practicing social distancing while meeting up with a small group of friends for an al fresco soiree. Maybe you’re simply going on a walk through your neighborhood to wave hello to your neighbors. Or you might be celebrating virtually, with a holiday Zoom party, each guest pouring a glass of their favorite beverage while remaining in your separate homes. No matter the method, the sentiment remains the same. The holidays are a time to share with your loved ones – near or far. 

Although the gatherings will not include your traditional dinner parties, New Years Eve galas, or cocktail hours, your host/hostess still merits a token of appreciation. In fact, we think the 2020 host/hostess deserves a gift more than ever before! Add up the additional safety measures and outside-the-box thinking necessary to pull off this year’s holiday celebrations, and you’ll see what we mean. The stress of figuring out how to teach the grandparents how to join the video call, coordinating time zones and work from home schedules, the ability to keep the conversation flowing despite connection lags – virtual hosting is no easy feat.

To show our gratitude for the extra efforts, we’ve put together five organic, unique gift ideas with the 2020 holiday host/hostess in mind.

Our Curated List of Natural Gifts for a Holiday Host/Hostess

For the Classic Host/Hostess

A bouquet of flowers has long reigned queen of the host/hostess gifts, and for good reason. Who doesn’t enjoy being treated to a gorgeous display of fresh blooms that can grace the table during that evening’s festivities? This year, when we all could use a little hope, we’re putting a new twist on the classic gift. 

To symbolize the promise of the future and fresh beginnings, we’ve curated a bundle of flower gardening essentials. The Garden Kit by The Floral Society serves as our foundation, with a beautifully hand-forged trowel and bamboo knit garden gloves tucked inside a canvas utility pouch. Then, we add in the Annual Flower Mix by The Floral Society – a cheerful blend of cosmos, zinnia, and forget-me-not seeds. This is a wonderful mix of blooms for future floral arrangements! Complete the pouch by adding a Dried Herb Bundle. The selection of organic herbs will give off a gorgeous aroma the moment your host/hostess unzips their perfect gift. 

Best yet, it’s safe to mail, to drop off at the front door, or to give in person. This hardworking bundle will continue to remind your host/hostess of your gratitude in the season to come as the first flower buds appear.

For the Host/Hostess Who Deserves a Little Self-Care

The quintessential host/hostess excels at taking care of others, anticipating and meeting the needs of their guests before they’re even expressed. Now it’s their turn. Show your appreciation by putting together a thoughtful bundle of pampering basics, encouraging your host/hostess to relax and unwind after a long day of cooking and cleaning. They deserve to shift the focus onto themselves for a change!

Grab your favorite makeup pouch – we’re obsessed with this tartan print bag featuring riding stirrups – to act as the vessel for the self-care goodies. Next, add the aromatic Essential Oil Incense by The Floral Society. This set of palo santo and cedarwood sticks burns for 45 minutes each, releasing beneficial scents of essential oils. Best enjoyed while indulging in a warm bath with our made-from-the-garden, rejuvenating Bright Sunshine Body Scrub. Finish the pouch off with a Lavender Eye Pillow, which provides stress relief, soothing weight, and comfort to weary eyes using organic French lavender, buckwheat hulls, and flaxseed. 

For the Virtual Cocktail Hour Host/Hostess

Where would we be without FaceTime family get togethers and Zoom cocktail hours these days? Show your host/hostess how much you care by sending them the ultimate virtual celebration attire. You guessed it, we’re talking about luxury loungewear. 

Currently, we’re living in the cropped Devon Sweatshirt from Year of Ours, which features relaxed, dropped shoulders and sporty stripes on the sleeves. Complete the look with cozy, matching Track Pants and Luxury Athletic Socks by American Trench, which are all 100% made in the USA. And voila – you’ve just styled the perfect 2020 party outfit. 

Finish the present off with an upgrade for the next cocktail hour – our Special Rim Salt Blend, which pairs well with a spicy margarita. You might want to buy one for yourself, too, for a proper Zoom holiday toast. Add a few pomegranate seeds to your margarita to up the festive factor. 

Fold the outfit up into a pretty gift box, top it with the Rim Salts, and tie the box up with a naturally plant-dyed silk ribbon.

For the Beautiful Host/Hostess Inside & Out

We all have a host/hostess in our life who did everything they could to ensure a safe and healthy holiday for their loved ones. Put together a beauty box that recognizes how gorgeous they are both inside and out. 

Much like your host/hostess, the Honey Bee Travel Mug is as amazing as it looks! Featuring unique, double tourmaline ceramic walls, the mug neutralizes chlorine and other impurities in a beverage for the most refreshing, pure taste imaginable. 

Pair the mug with the anti-inflammatory and naturally vegan GOLDE Turmeric Tonic Blend, a.k.a. turmeric tea, for a wellbeing and inner beauty boost. Don’t forget to include a stainless steel reusable straw in the gift box so your host/hostess can responsibly enjoy their beverage.

Include the Tammy Fender Purifying Luculent Masque, which is packed with traditional, high quality herbal remedies for the ultimate glow. Finish off the beauty box with the Aesa Ridge Hair Pin for your host/hostess to use to pull their hair back – if applicable! – while applying the glorious Tammy Fender mask. 

For the Host/Hostess Who Rock an Al Fresco Affair

Based in Wellington, Florida, we have the benefit of enjoying outdoor celebrations almost all year round. If, like us, you’re spending your holiday season celebrating in a warmer climate, this is the ideal gift. It also works perfectly if a couple is co-hosting the celebration. 

Instead of a picnic basket, pick up the Large Jolene Bag by Bembien. Handwoven using recycled plastic from the beaches of beautiful Bali, this bag protects the island’s delicate ecosystem and marine life. 

Slip a bottle of wine inside the bag. Choose a local variety, or our current favorite, Avaline, makes a wonderful choice with its natural, organic ingredients and transparent production model. 

Finish off the “picnic basket” with a simple cheese board, made up of a wedge or two of the couple’s favorite cheeses and accoutrement – a local honey, some nuts, or a marmalade all pair nicely depending on the cheese. They’ll appreciate being able to grab the bag and go on a little celebration of their own without needing to plan in advance. 

Have we convinced you yet that it’s time to skip the typical wine, flowers, or candles in exchange for one of these thoughtful gifts to say thank you for all of your host/hostess’s hard work, generosity, and love? With a little bit of planning, you can create organic, responsible holiday gift baskets, filled with items independently selected for your unique host/hostess. But be forewarned – when you elevate your gift giving to this level, you’ll be cementing your place on the invitation list for every party and event they host for years to come.