Top 25 Eco-Friendly Brands to Wear for the Holidays

Top 25 Eco-Friendly Brands to Wear for the Holidays

Doing some last minute shopping? Don’t let the timeline pressure you into a buying frenzy! With the fashion industry responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, it’s crucial you buy presents thoughtfully. Make sure you choose something they’ll love and treasure for years to come, plus give something back to the planet when you shop from our curated list of the most chic, sustainable brands. There’s still (a little bit of) time for thoughtful gift-giving:

Our Favorite 25 Sustainable Brands to Shop 

1. Hunza G 

By keeping production and operations local, Hunza G successfully limits their carbon footprint. Although they intentionally cut their garments to reduce excess, all leftover pieces are repurposed into hair accessories. 

2. Atelier Delphine

Yuka Izutsu, founder of Atelier Delphine, believes that your clothing tells your story, revealing who you are and what you believe - that’s why she focuses on ethical and sustainable practices. She also collaborates with The New Denim Project, a Guatemala-based manufacturer that uses denim waste and reclaimed cotton fibers to create new, high quality denim.

3. Letra 

Support Oaxacan families, sustain their communities, and preserve traditional handicrafts when you buy bags from Letra. 

4. Janessa Leone

Janessa Leone’s cult-favorite Panama hats will last a lifetime when cared for properly. They’re woven using natural toquilla straw from Ecuador by artisans who believe in sustainability, accountability, and transparency. Leone sources wool with equally high standards – it must be sustainably produced and cruelty free. 

5. Injiri 

Inspired by the history of textiles – handspinning sustainable materials and hand making garments for oneself, respecting nature and your local resources – Injiri’s weavers are encouraged to work from home on their own looms. Each collection is thoughtfully designed and created slowly, in small batches, utilizing time-honored techniques, passed through generations.

6. Miranda Bennett 

This all-female team commits to paying fair wages and providing safe working conditions at every point of their supply chain. In addition, Miranda Bennett exclusively uses gentle, plant based dyes and diverts 100% of their textile waste from landfills.

7. Aesa

Dedicated to eco-conscious jewelry production, Aesa researches the origins of the gems and minerals they use in their designs and upcycles stones and metals to reduce waste. 

8. Blluemade

With Florida’s warm climate, we’re big fans of light and breathable linen clothing, but did you know that this fabric reigns supreme in the world of sustainability? Every single part of the flax plant – what linen is derived from – is usable or biodegradable. That’s why Blluemade makes their garments from linen produced by a carbon-neutral, family-owned (for five generations!) mill.

9. Shaded by Cray Lizzy

Vintage ties find new life in these beautiful, unique sun hats. From wearing it as a headband to tying it around your purse strap, and it’s great for your skin too! Perfect for the gardener, equestrian athlete, or sun bathing enthusiast in your life.

10. Samuji

Samuji defines sustainability as the products they create, in the environment, in the people they partner with, and in the happiness of their customers. Their sustainability initiatives, goals, and projected timelines are robust. Read more about them here

11. SKIN

This basics brand uses natural fibers and small-scale, family-owned factories committed to responsible and ethical manufacturing to create their dreamy line of apparel. 

12. Unemployed Denim 

Meet the queen of denim upcycling. This brand sources vintage, denim clothing and breathes new life into it with their fun embroidery and customization options. 

13. Hattie Banks

Not only does Hattie Banks design jewelry that will endure for generations – both in its timeless appeal and high quality materials – but the gemstones and shells used are also ethically sourced.

14. Jungmaven

Back in the 90s, Robert Jungmann realized hemp – an eco-conscious textile – had the potential to transform the fashion industry.  He set out on a mission to create a line of hemp garments while working toward putting a stop to the industry’s many practices that harm the planet.

15. Rosemarine 

This textile studio based in Detroit, Michigan, uses plants to hand dye fabrics and transform what was once considered waste (they use food scraps from local restaurants and day-old blooms from local florists to create their dyes) into luxury, beautiful accessories.

16. Swedish Stocking

Creating stockings from nylon waste, using water conservatively, decreasing their emissions, and spearheading a nylon recycling program are among Swedish Stocking’s sustainability efforts.

17. Maria La Rosa

The small-batch, artisan-made socks consist of environmentally friendly, natural materials and are woven on traditional, wooden looms – truly embracing the concept of slow-fashion.

18. Domi

Domi exclusively uses organic cotton from small scale farms that forego pesticides, creating safer working conditions for farmers and massively reducing their impact on the environment.

19. Bembien

The swoon-worthy woven bags and accessories synonymous with Bembien don’t just look good – they DO good, too. Bembien donates 10% of all proceeds to the nonprofit, Nest, which is on a mission to improve the inclusivity of the global workforce as well as the wellbeing of workers.

20. MM Druck

Another jewelry designer out to change the industry, we admire how MM Druck sources fair trade certified silver and is taking steps toward using 100% recycled material.

21. American Trench

These cozy socks are knit using recycled cotton by a family-owned and operated mill (for over thirty years!) located in North Carolina.

22. Sea2See

Sea2See works with fishing communities around Spain to collect abandoned fishnets and ropes, turning them into their premium line of eyewear!

23. Ace & Jig

From carbon neutral shipping in 100% recycled mailers to zero-waste production, Ace & Jig remains at the forefront of the eco-friendly fashion movement. Their work doesn’t stop there – they partner with charitable organizations on sustainability and conservation projects, they grow fruit and vegetables for employees using reclaimed water, they built their factory in a spot where they can locally source cotton, and they use azo free dyes.

24. Year of Ours

This American made athleisure brand produces everything in their El Monte, California factory – cutting, sewing, and printing their garments while upholding the highest ethical standards.

25. Zuri

“Mzuri” – the inspiration behind the name of this sustainable accessory brand – is Swahili for “good”. And trust us when we say, the brand’s heart is as good as it gets. They sum up their mission like this: "We hope that by paying fair wages, sourcing locally, and making a product that our customers truly love, we will be helping to support a long-term, sustainable economy in Kenya.”

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gifts

Now that you’ve learned all about what they’re doing, here are the top five items on our wish lists this year from some of these incredible brands.

Pearl Apex Cuff by Aesa

This festive, open style cuff features freshwater pearls in a bronze setting. It’s a classic with a twist.

Silk Knot Dress by Miranda Bennett

Every closet needs a LBD, and Miranda’s design wins in versatility.

Karla Straw Hat by Janessa Leone

Another wardrobe staple, this Fedora style hat will look as good on you when you’re 18 as it does when you’re 98. 

Muslin V Neck Dress and White Cotton Slip by Injiri

Lightweight, billowy, and oh-so-luxe, we’d like to wear this ensemble around the house while dreaming about enjoying a sunset dinner on sandy, white shores somewhere far away.

Large Multi Stripe Mercado Bag by Letra

The lucky recipient of this bag just found their new, indispensable companion. From the farmers market to the beach and everything in between, this tote can handle it all.

Our Gift Guide for Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

If you’re in the market for some last minute, responsibly created stocking stuffers, no need to peruse other gift guides – we’ve got you covered. From socks to sunnies, check out these sustainable picks.

Bandana by Rosemarine

Wear it as a headband to tie it around your purse strap; the bandana’s uses are far and wide. This pretty, cotton gauze option features a subtle blush hue created with plant dyes.

Rugby Stripe Socks by American Trench

‘Tis the season for getting cozy, and nothing does the job better than these preppy, mid-weight cotton socks.

Emilia Hoops by Bembien

A delicious sorbet of cream and mint, these chic hoops add a subtle pop of color to any look.

Samara Tee by Jungmaven

Upgrade their plain white tee with this hemp, drop sleeve top in a warm, buttery hue.

Karma 03 Sunglasses by Sea2See

Hello, gorgeous sunnies! We love this unisex style, which looks good on every single face shape.