Our Story

We started with a simple idea to bring healthy food to the horse show but soon felt the momentum of a movement as we collected and invited local health minded businesses into our space in the form of food trucks, pop up shops, and wellness tents. We found that growing food and flowers was something everyone wanted to relate to, and that a place centered around healthy eating seemed to bring with it great conversations, ideas, and a palpable and growing sense of community.

And so our mission expanded to embrace small businesses as our partners and provide a platform and playground for getting great things recognized. We built our own little shop on the commitment to curating a collection of "forever items" - those that are timeless and for many seasons, or carry with them the kind of purity and integrity that stands the test of time. 

Ultimately, Farm Stand is about bringing the farm home... and creating a space that feels alive, rich, and essential. Just like nature's plentiful capacity for fruit bearing trees and blossoming flowers, the things that are pure and good and true, keep giving to us, if we care for them and consciously choose to bring them in.