Our Project

Farm Stand is both a lifestyle concept and a destination. We strive to bring together the best in food, wellness, and retail with a special focus on clean eating and sustainable business practices. Our concept was driven by a need for healthy food options at one of the nation's most prestigious annual horse shows. We had an outpouring of gratitude for our locally sourced meats, gluten free and vegan options, fresh brewed ginger tea, and the local restaurants, cafes and small businesses we invited to join us. 

Since then, our mission has expanded to invite collaborations with renowned retailers, even more artisans and small businesses, while continuing to provide platforms (and playgrounds) for getting great things recognized. 

In 2020, we developed a line of hand-crafted, heart-shaped soaps by pairing flowers from our garden with essential oils and nature-based ingredients. Inspired by a desire to share the abundance of blooms with our community, we also saw an ongoing opportunity to give top quality soaps with healing properties and aromas to our local women's shelters in the spirit of self love and care.  

We love learning from our peers, partners, friends, and the grassroots community of horse and nature lovers. Please don't hesitate to reach out or visit us in season!