How To Look Good on a Zoom Date

How To Look Good on a Zoom Date

Last year, when the pandemic panic was at its worst, many of us hit the brakes on dating. Sure, you could make plans to meet up when the shutdowns were lifted but your plans would have been on hold for some time. Now, things are different. While we are still trying to get the pandemic under control, we now know what a socially distanced lifestyle looks like. Unfortunately, it still has a profound impact on dating. Sorry to all you singles out there. But romance is resilient, and of course, we found a way.

Virtual dating has become the new normal, and yeah, it can be a bit strange at first. But hey, when has dating ever not been awkward? We caught up with New York native and renowned stylist, Kusum Lynn to get her thoughts on the matter, “It’s certainly awkward territory to tackle, regardless, right? Even if we could sit in a restaurant face to face over a glass of wine, there are always some awkward moments from the get-go.” Agreed.

Video dates are certainly different. There are a lot of things that we all took for granted when we met in person: touch, smell, and the intuitive vibe that you get from sitting less than 6 feet away from another. But just as Kusum said, first dates are always awkward. So, learn to embrace it because - regardless of when we can comfortably meet in person again - virtual dating has made its way into the dating spectrum and when done well, it can be quite enjoyable.

What To Wear On A Zoom Date

If you have never been on a Zoom date before, we can imagine you might have some reservations. Not everyone is comfortable on camera, and that alone can create plenty of pre-date anxiety. That said, there is one thing that’s proven to give your confidence a boost before any date: a great outfit.

We all have that go-to that always makes us feel good about ourselves. One thing about a Zoom date that you don’t get when meeting someone for dinner, you can feel free to prioritize comfort. With virtual dating, the rules for what you should wear aren’t so specific. So, above everything else, be yourself. If you’re confident and allow yourself to be in the moment, we promise, the distractions of the virtual settings will fade.

That said, if you are still needing some ideas on what to wear, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas of great zoom date outfits, regardless of what style makes you feel best.

Go Casual

For the readers that just want to look nice without putting too much into how they’re dressed, this is the move for you. Just pick any of the cute-yet-casual tops hanging in your closet and pair it with a comfortable pair of pants. We haven’t mentioned it yet, but we know you’re thinking it… on Zoom dates, you don’t have to think too hard about your lower half. If you’re going casual, we suggest you find something comfortable that pairs well with your top.

Go for a nice print, a flattering color, or a fun sleeve. As long as it makes you feel cute, comfortable, and confident, it’s hard to go wrong. Like this Green Stripe Ruffle Tee from the Joey Wölffer Reworked collection, you can wear it tucked, tied up, or with a slightly dropped shoulder. It’s versatile, it’s cute, and it’s sure to give you the confidence you want in a Zoom date setting.

Try Something Tasteful

If you are looking to impress without going over the top, consider something uniquely tasteful. You know what makes you feel good so play to your strengths. This sentiment is reiterated by Lynn, “Whatever your strong suit is, I think your physical character is something to highlight. If you have great arms, I don’t think it’s too modest to wear a high neck and show the shoulders. Just having that sense of modesty, I think that’s also sexy.”

 As Kusum suggested, if you’re going for tasteful, try something elegant like a high-neck. This sage-green Clara blouse with a high ruffled neckline inspired by early 19th-century silhouettes. Layer it over a midi skirt teamed with a basket heeled sandals to tap into that vintage feel.

If you feel more confident in a dress, consider something like the Clark Dress by Lindsey Thornburg. The Tea Rose print exudes taste and with a flattering silhouette, you’re sure to keep your date’s attention on the screen.

Keep it Classy

Maybe you’re the type that likes getting dressed up. Hey, we get it. It is a date, after all! And the stylist agrees. When directly asked, “What should you wear on a Zoom date?” Kusum Lynn had this to say, “You are making your first impression. I think that a sweetheart neckline is probably the most respectable and easy go-to.” But she did warn of potential unintended consequences, “It goes without saying, you don’t want to flaunt too much. If you have a large bust, it could be overwhelming.” So, if you are going to expose the decolletage, just be sure to keep it classy.

If this is you, and it’s essential that you’re date-ready from head to toe, consider something like this Anita Dress by Mara Hoffman. This mini dress with an exaggerated sweetheart neckline and fixed shoulder straps is the perfect mix of sexy and class. If you’re looking to impress and capture the essence of an in-person date night, this is a perfect look for you.

Be Expressive

If you feel most confident when being expressive with your style, go for it! Again, there is nothing more attractive than being comfortable being yourself. Just have fun with it. Bold and interesting choices will break the monotony of your day, and most likely have the same effect on your date as well. Considering that we have all been cooped up for the last year, the little things make more of an impact now than ever before. So, dare to be expressive and make a statement with your outfit. 

There are countless ways to be expressive with the clothes you wear. But there are few quite as story-worthy as this Red, White, and Blue 1970s Scarf Caftan by Morphew. Made entirely by hand with rare antique materials sourced from around the globe. The sustainable vintage materials represent over a century of design. Many of the rich textiles used are no longer manufactured. Talk about a conversation starter.

Consider Comfort

If you’re the type that comfort is of the utmost importance, and the idea of getting overly dressed up for a date only adds to the anxiety, then don’t over complicate things. A cute sweatshirt is cozy and the right color will pop on screen. Even though it doesn’t show any skin, sweaters can be incredibly stylish. So, if you feel best in comfy clothes, you should stick to it. If the connection is going to last, they’ll eventually see your natural look anyway. Plus, comfy clothes are perfect for long nights bingeing Netflix remotely. 

Comfy doesn’t mean you have to forsake fashion. For example, this Decade Mary Sweater is a stylish yet comfortable sweater that’s bright enough to pop. With the perfect blend of fibers for any season and an easy cropped silhouette. it’s the kind of sweater that says you want to stay comfortable, but know how to put it together.

Make A Big Impression

All things considered, it’s important to remember that despite what you wear, you are trying to make a connection. The outfit matters, but feeling good about the impression you make is far more important. Simply put, when you are dressing for love, be yourself.

There is nothing more attractive than being yourself. It shows that you are confident and ready to connect. Use your style to give your date an impression of who you are. If you do like trying too hard, it’s okay to don denim and dress casually. If you are an old soul, put on your favorite vintage shirt. If you are passionate about the environment, wear something that comes from an eco-friendly brand like Morphew. Regardless of what you choose, it just needs to represent you. Again, virtual dating doesn’t always allow for great non-verbal communication because you’re not actually in the presence of each other. Don’t make it worse by trying to be someone you’re not. We think Kusum Lynn summed it up nicely when she said, “It comes down to personal choice too, you know? Just be yourself.”

Dating can be awkward and singles can be quick to judge. So don’t wing-it. You don’t want your date thinking you didn’t put much effort into making a good first impression. Your outfit is a reflection of who you are. If you’re not sure what your style is, this is the perfect time to try things out and find what makes you feel best. Be sure to put some time into your look. The more you prepare, the better you are going to feel about your choice and you’ll be able to focus on the more important task of making a connection.

Zoom Date Accessories

No ensemble is complete without the finishing touches. Accessories can say a lot or they can say a little. It can be the highlight or it can be an accent to help bring the whole thing together. But, it goes without saying, you should accessorize with your outfit.

“I think a small personal necklace like a personal piece of jewelry around the neck is just always a nice detail. It just feels charming. It’s sweet. It doesn’t say too much and yet there’s a personal effect. Like someone can see something that speaks to you.”, says Lynn. Keeping it small prevents it from being a distraction, which is important when you’re on a zoom date. She goes on to warn, “I think you should stay away from big earrings. Big earrings are distracting.”

With this in mind, check out these minimalist accessories that will complement your outfit and complete your look.