Best Swimsuit Brand for All Body Types

Best Swimsuit Brand for All Body Types

We all love summer, the warm sun on our skin, lazy beach days, cookouts, poolside dips, and fun with our family and friends, but getting ready for these outings can be daunting. The notion of finding an outfit, let alone a swimsuit, that fits perfectly can be a challenge. With thousands of designs, colors, and styles to choose from, it is always hard to decide which one is best for your body type and comfort level. Every swimwear brand we’ve come across has their own unique sizing that doesn’t always fit every women’s body, until now...We found this gem of a swimsuit brand that fits all shapes and sizes. A one-size-fits-all swimsuit that will be a fan favorite for all body types. Doubt us? Then read on...


One-Size Fits All Sustainable Swimwear

Sounds impossible, right? How can one swimsuit size fit petite, average, and full-figure women? Because of a revolutionary design and swimwear brand named Hunza G. Brainchild of British fashion designer Georgiana Huddart, these incredible bathing suits are made out of a crinkle fabric, which allows them to stretch. Absolutely genius.

A crinkle fabric may sound foreign to you, but we promise you have all seen it before. Think back to the iconic movie Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts was wearing a Hunza dress when she met Richard Gere, and while she went on her unforgettable shopping excursion. Remember the white & blue cut out dress? That was made from the same crinkle fabric.

Today, Hunza G is changing the way we view swimwear, and it’s pretty incredible. The fashion industry has always had a tremendous environmental impact, so it’s nice to see that Hunza G is a sustainable fashion brand. Their one-size-fits-all approach means there is less waste; each product is made-to-order, so there is no deadstock (unworn, excess items), and they even use local companies to dye their fabric to reduce emissions. This is absolutely a fashion brand that is reinventing how we think about and wear swimwear. An ethical and comfortable swimsuit that is crafted to be treasured. Not to mention that the fabric’s ability to stretch and retract means that if your body changes, your swimsuit will still fit. 

How Can 5 Women Wear the Same One-Size-Fits-All Swimsuit?

So, you’re probably curious. How can five women can wear the same one-size-fits-all swimsuit? Here is how Hunza G’s mind-blowing swimsuit works.

Made out of an elastane and knitted lycra combination on a circular loom, these suits have an unbelievable ability to stretch and are crafted with no seams. This is what makes the Hunza G swimsuit so flattering – it just stretches over your body to provide the best shape while hiding what we prefer to keep to ourselves. With this seamless construction and a seersucker-type composition, you can look forward to swimwear that will be comfortable, flexible and offer the absolute perfect fit.

The Hunza G Jeanne Swim

We love this style! Hunza G’s Jeanne swimsuit is a classic one-piece with wide straps, plunging low back, and rounded neckline in a happy pastel lemon color. Great for curves, and for those who need more support up top.

The Hunza G Jean Bikini

This stylish swimsuit has a bandeau top with a cute bow in the middle, and classic bottoms that can be worn high above or at the hip. A great option for an athletic body type.

Hunza G Domino Swim

The Hunza G Domino swimsuit is a beautiful one-piece with a scoop neckline, high back, and  wide straps with decorative gold accents. Like all Hunza G one-size-fits-all bathing suits, the Domino style provides support and shape for most women, especially those of us with that signature hourglass shape. Small tortoiseshell details elevate this style, achieving a stylish wearable look. These crinkle fabric Hunza G bathing suits are becoming super popular with celebrities. Don’t miss out on this popular trend, order yours today!   

Hunza G Gigi Bikini

If you love two-piece swimsuits, the Gigi Bikini by Hunza G is for you! Available in lemon or white, this athletic swimsuit has microtonal lycra straps that are dainty but still provide excellent support for a variety of bust sizes.

Hunza G Square Neck Bikini

The most classic piece from Hunza G is the Square Neck Swim.  The metallic cocoa colorway features an angular neckline and low scoop back.  Made for a woman looking for a little extra support, this suit is ideal with the strap width and placement.

We don’t know about you, but we love the idea of a swimsuit that stretches and moves with you. If you are on the hunt for a bathing suit that is flexible, comfortable, stylish, and helps to protect further damage to our environment, check out Hunza G. They really are reinventing the way we wear swimwear, and we couldn’t be more excited.