Body Lotions We Cannot Live Without

Body Lotions We Cannot Live Without

Moisturizers are essential from your face to your feet. They don’t just make your skin look better, these products literally help your skin repair itself; but they’re not all created equal. With the cosmetics industry notoriously littered with harmful chemicals, you can’t just run into the nearest drugstore and pick up the first one you see that claims it’s good for insert-your-skincare-complaint-here. Using the wrong products in your daily moisturizing routine can harm your immune, hormonal, and respiratory systems – after all, you’re applying it to your body’s largest organ! Instead, you need to turn to trusted brands that create formulations based on nature and omit harmful toxins, chemicals, and other additives. That’s why we independently selected our 10 favorite, safe, clean options to offer to our Farm Stand family. 


We Can’t Live Without These 10 Body Creams 

Body Lotions

The classic when it comes to moisturizing, with good reason. Body lotions are easy to apply, and with water as one of their main ingredients, you’ll feel the benefits almost instantaneously. Body lotions are great to apply first thing in the morning or right before bed – and on days when you skip the shower, because they add water to your skin. However, when choosing a body lotion, you should be vigilant about reading the ingredients – these famously hide a host of harmful chemicals and toxins that do more damage than good. Luckily, we have one we trust.

Tammy Fender Rose Geranium and Tangerine Body Lotion

The only true body lotion on our list, we turn to Tammy Fender to nourish and moisturize our full selves. The crisp, subtle floral scent is achieved through a blend of rose, geranium, ylang ylang, mandarin, and rosewood oils. It’s a light, airy, and delicate feeling lotion – but don’t let that fool you. Your skin will drink in the richness and remain deeply hydrated all day long.

Tammy Fender’s team always recommends working from your neck first to your feet in the ayurvedic tradition, with strokes towards the heart to optimize circulation and provide some rest for your lymphatic system. 

Body Oils

Some of us prefer using oils over traditional lotions –  it’s really just a matter of personal preference. Technically, oils lock moisture in, so they’re best to use immediately post-shower, which is the best time to apply them. We often alternate between oils and lotions at different times of day, maximizing the benefits of both products. 

Everyday Oil Mainstay Blend

When it comes to body oils, the Mainstay Blend by Everyday Oils can’t be beat. Organic cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils come together to cleanse, hydrate, and balance your skin. Safe for use by everyone, everywhere.

Tammy Fender Lavender Body Oil

Do you have an evening bathing ritual? Then you NEED this oil by Tammy Fender. Ideally, you’ll dry brush your skin to detoxify and exfoliate it. Then take a soothing warm shower or bath to wash off the day’s stresses and relax your muscles. Upon exiting the bath, immediately lather yourself with the Lavender Body Oil – a soothing, aromatic formula made using pure Bulgarian Lavender, which won’t just lock in moisture, but will also cause you to drift off into a peaceful slumber. Truly exquisite.


Your body lotions aren’t just for moisturizing. They’re essential for protecting you from harmful UV rays, too. And we know we’re not the first to tell you, but it’s worth saying again – you need to wear sunscreen every single day, even in the winter. 

Suntegrity SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen

Winning multiple awards including the Dermascope 2020 Aestheticians' Choice Award Winner for Body Sunscreen and the #1 ranking in Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, Suntegrity is one of the leaders in the safe sunscreen market. Cruelty free, completely vegan, safe for reefs, made in the USA from organic ingredients, and loaded with antioxidants, you’re checking all the responsible boxes when you choose Suntegrity.

Besides its natural formulation, why do we love it? The fast absorbing lotion goes on smooth and leaves us feeling protected, not greasy. Plus, it’s fragrance free, so if you’re sensitive to scents, it’s perfect for you (it’s also great for babies).

Salt & Stone SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen 

If you’re planning on being active while outdoors, this is the sunscreen you need. This ultra lightweight lotion is both water and sweat resistant, so you don’t need to reapply as often. Again, it passes the greasy test (no one wants that), and it leaves you looking like you, not like a ghost – a common complaint of non-nano zinc oxide sunscreens.

As a bonus, this lotion performs double duty by incorporating hyaluronic acid to keep your whole body moisturized, even for the driest of us. Plus, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing ashwagandha actively soothes your skin. 

Salt & Stone SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen

Need something a little stronger? Salt & Stone makes a fragrance-free SPF 50 lotion. It checks all the same boxes as the SPF 30 option: water and sweat resistant, non-greasy, moisturizing, and effective in blocking UVA and UVB rays.

Face Creams

We’ve covered our bodies, but when it comes to more sensitive areas like our faces, we like to choose products specially formulated to meet those needs. For example, your hands have thicker, more calloused skin because of how you use them versus the skin on your face, so facial creams are generally lighter than a heavy duty hand balm. And while you likely don’t suffer from black heads and breakouts on your hands, that might be a concern when it comes to your face, so you’ll want a moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores.

Tammy Fender Antioxidant Crème

We actually started looking forward to waking up once we started using this facial cream. Sweet orange and neroli create a fresh, bright, and cheerful fragrance that literally perks our skin up. Full of botanicals and vitamins from farm-grown ingredients like carrots, Tammy describes it as a multivitamin in a jar. Although any skin type can benefit from this moisturizer, if your skin feels especially oily, congested, or acne-prone, this formulation will be key!

Salt & Stone Squalane Facial Cream

Founded by a former professional snowboarder, Salt & Stone provides skincare products designed to combat the effects of the weather on those who lead active, outdoorsy lifestyles. This facial cream restores skin that’s frequently exposed to dry climates and wind – without clogging your pores in the process, thanks to squalane derived from sugarcane. Algae increases cell turnover, alpha hydroxy acids encourage absorption and penetrate dead skin, and hyaluronic acid ups the deep conditioning factor.

Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Crème

Known by fans as the “Aspen crème,” choose this balm all winter long to revive dry, cracked, depleted skin. Thick like a body butter, it’s especially great for both protection and recovery after a long day of skiing! The secret to its deeply moisturizing properties is buriti fruit oil – a plant derived ingredient originating from the Amazon, rich in fatty acids and vitamins E and C.

Tammy Fender Celestial Rose Crème

Ideal for use before bedtime, the Celestial Rose Crème by Tammy Fender is deeply restorative. The rich blend of nutrients and soothing, emollient properties of Manuka honey create a potent, medium weight formula. Plus, it smells divine – beauty editors at Allure describe the scent as “an expensive bouquet of fresh roses.” 

Next time you’re in the market for sunscreen, face cream, body lotion, or body oil, turn to one of these Farm Stand tested and trusted clean beauty options.