Amber Dog Collar for Fleas & Ticks

$37.50 USD

Hand-made from raw Baltic amber, this cute natural flea and tick collar by Amber Crown generates a slight static charge that prevents insects from clinging onto your pet’s fur. It is safe for humans and animals, with no secondary effects on your pet, family or home. It can be used for all pets, even if they are young, allergic, pregnant or nursing. 

Fitting: Measure your pet's neck and allow for 1-2 fingers allowance. The necklace has to fit tightly around your pet's neck, but not interfere with breathing. If in doubt, order larger size!

Please note: Amber Crown necklace is a strong prevention but not a treatment remedy. Therefore, the best practice is to treat the existing infestation with more potent remedies (consult your veterinarian when in doubt) and then put on the Amber Crown necklace for further natural protection.

For maximum effectiveness, change collar two times per year or when the beads get polished.