Orox Leather Sunglass Sleeve

$45.00 USD $75.00 USD

Genuine leather glasses or sunglass protective sleeve. 

Orox Philosophy: aims to create high quality durable goods that, while stylish, don’t go in and out of style. We hope that our products will be used and loved for years, and eventually passed on to the next generation. Scratches and scuffs, a physical record of experiences and adventures, will add character and beauty. Leather is an ever-changing material that continues to evolve as it ages and acquires a patina of use. Making products that last is part of our Mexican heritage. In Oaxaca during the 60's and 70's, fast fashion didn’t exist, and a pair of shoes or a belt needed to last a long, long time. With care our products will last for generations and become treasured heirlooms.