Janessa Leone Lucie Hat

$230.00 USD $230.00 USD

A braided straw women's boater hat - a flat top and wide brim - a design that is timeless and will never go out of style. With a thick band of textured silk, this design is both elegant and striking. Quality hand-braiding of the straw creates a strong and structured fit to make sure the hat will not lose its shape. This hat is great for sun protection and brings chic to the beach.

- Natural Wheat Braid Straw
- UPF Rating 50+ (Excellent)
- Brim: 5.25"
- Crown: 3.75"
- Double 2" Black Silk Band
- Made in the USA

54.5 cm - Small
57 cm - Medium
58 cm - Large

*Please note sizing 
varies between styles.