GC New Story Boot Socks

$16.95 USD

In partnership with Dreamers & Schemers, Gina's Collective created a line of boot socks that give back to the corresponding non profit featured on the sock.  100% of proceeds back to organization. 

New Story exists to pioneer solutions to address global homelessness and imagines a world where no human lives in survival mode. With private individuals covering all overhead expenses, 100% of donations go directly to building a life-changing communities.

New Story invests in innovation to build higher quality homes faster for those who need them most. From mobile apps to manage home quality when construction is happening 3000 miles away to a 3D home printer to cut the cost and time of building a home, these innovations will transform how global social housing organizations work. Believing the biggest impact will happen when organizations work together, New Story shares their innovations with the sector.

Gina's Collective is an advisory providing coaching, connections and creativity to technology-enabled nonprofit startups.